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6 Funny Things Men Do To Impress Women

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Man has invented so many ways to impress a woman. Some of them are affective, while some of them are too strange to even try. There are a number of good ways to woo a woman, but still some men prefer funny ways to score points. Here are some of those funny things men do while trying to impress a woman:

1. Pretend to Be A Guitarist: Women love men who know how to play a guitar. To score points, some men pretend to be professional guitarists while in actual, they even don’t know how to properly hold the instrument.OMGVIS0286-1
2. Drink Too Much: To encourage themselves, some men drink too much. They forget that there is a line that they should not cross while drinking. Remember, getting high is going to spoil everything for you.OMGVIS0286-2
3. Lying About Their Past: It is totally fine not to reveal your past, but some men take this thing to a different level. They start lying about their past just to win the heart of a woman.OMGVIS0286-3
4. Show Off: Some men have a habit of showing off in front of women. To create an impression, they tell how much they earn and they only love to buy costly things.OMGVIS0286-4
5. Show Their Muscles: Some men think that women only love muscular men. They join gyms and then show their muscles by wearing muscle T-shirts.OMGVIS0286-5
6. Say Cheesy Dialogues: To woo the woman, some men use some cheesy lines.OMGVIS0286-6

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