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Struggles you face on the first day of your college

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College life is one of the best phases of life, but the first day of the college gives goose bumps to almost everybody. Here are the struggles you must have faced on the first day of your college:

  1. The very first thing that comes to your mind on the first day of college is what to wear? Should I wear a cool dude look or a sincere one? I am sure such questions must have baffled many of you.
  2. You face nervousness attack and your voice gets shaky at the time of introducing yourself.
  3. If you are extrovert, you face difficulty in surviving those introduction lectures, wherein your need to be quite for long hours and listen.
  4. As no one knows you, you feel like nobody wants to talk to you. Fear and anxiety takes over your heart and mind.
  5. You don’t know who your senior is and who your batch mate is, due to which you get afraid of calling your senior by name. After all who doesn’t want to be in ragging safe zone?
  6. After spending first day in college comes the first night in college. Most of you must have missed your home like hell on the first night all alone in college.
  7. Chances of getting lost in the college campus on first day are very high. You are afraid what if you got locked in some room?
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