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Take a chill pill with these tips to avoid pimples

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Pimples are something that annoys girls the most. But they don’t need to worry anymore as we are here with the tips to stay away from pimples:
1.    First and the most important thing girls should always have in their mind is that their face comes across a lot of impurities every day. So, whether they feel itchy or not, they must wash their face with water a couple of times every day.OMGKAV1302-12.    Try to keep your hair away from your face.  This is a must thing to consider when you have applied oil on your hair. OMGKAV1302-23.    Make it a point to wash your towel and pillow covers regularly as they absorb a lot of dirt in them and when you use them, those impurities shift on your face causing pimples. OMGKAV1302-34.    You must have heard the fact that oily skin causes pimples, which is true but contrary to this you should also know that your skin needs at least a little moisture. If the skin gets dry the body open glands and makes face oily, resulting into pimples. OMGKAV1302-45.    Most of us have a habit of unintentionally touching our face, but we forget that our hands are dirty most of the times and when we touch our face, it also gets dirty.OMGKAV1302-56.    Junk food and oily food is also one of the main reasons behind pimples. So, limit the intake of fast food.

Hispanic girl having fast food

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