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Things only a back bencher can relate to

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Many students have deep love for back benches and they always prefer to sit there. If you are among those back benchers, then here are the things you can relate to very well:

1.    All teachers used to think that you were a bad student and were among the ones teachers target the most. They had the misconception that back benchers are the undisciplined ones.OMGKAV1301-12.    You slept in the class many a times. Being a back bencher you always had a lot of opportunities to do so.OMGKAV1301-23.    You never gave the class tests sincerely and used to keep books open under the seats. OMGKAV1301-34.    You were among the first ones to be thrown out of the class. Eventually you got used to it and started enjoying it.OMGKAV1301-45.    You and other back benchers were kind of anti first benchers, who used to concentrate on what teacher was teaching in the class. OMGKAV1301-5
6.    Passing in exams is all that you want. You never become the part of rat race for coming first in the class. OMGKAV1301-67.    You always wished your teacher was absent. OMGKAV1301-78.    The minute teacher leaves the class you were the first one to create noise in the class. OMGKAV1301-89.    You used to have lunch much before the lunch break. When the teachers were busy writing on the board you were busy in eating your Tiffin. OMGKAV1301-910.    You were always like, “Darr kea aage jeet hain”. Your favorite phrases included “Sab moh maaya hain”.

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