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Things you can relate to if you hate reading

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Reading is a good habit but a lot of people hate it. Here are the things you can relate to very well if you are one of them:
1.    You have never been to the library in your school or college. You prefer to just ‘Google it’.
2.    Newspaper reading is a nightmare for you. You don’t even know which newspaper is subscribed in your home.
3.    You are always up with a lot of excuses when your teacher tells you to stand up and read.
4.    You are one of those who play games like table cricket or learn the way of balancing things with books. Things are just like showpieces kept on your shelves.
5.    Theoretical subjects like languages; History, etc. are not at all your cup of tea. You pass such subjects by grace marks only. Even when you have to read a long chapter, you just read the conclusion.
6.    You love gifts but when somebody gives you a book in gift you go crazy in anger. You prefer to return the book back to the well wisher instead of keeping it with you.
7.    You have never taken part in any declamation, debate or paper reading competitions.
8.    You think books are boring and so are the bookworm people.
9.    You never date a bookworm and hardly have any reading lover in your friend circle.

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