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5 Things Parents of A Newborn Hate The Most

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Parenthood is all together a new life. New parents feel both heavenly and scary at the same moment once they give birth to a child. Here are the things that the parents of a newborn baby hate the most:
1.    Proper Sleep: Parents of a newborn hate it when somebody says them that “Are you getting enough sleep?” They are like, come on dude, don’t you know it is impossible to have a sound sleep with a newborn. OMGKAV1707-12.    When you have no helper: They hate it when once their baby has taken birth and none of their friends or closed ones come up to help them out in taking care of the baby. They are like “Why the hell they were so excited in the beginning about the baby”.OMGKAV1707-23.    Lectures of ladies: Parents of a newborn, especially the mother, hates it when her mother-in-law, mother, aunt, etc. keeps on pointing out how to do this or that and tell her that she doesn’t know how to take care of a kid.OMGKAV1707-34.    Carefree Husband: Mother of a newborn doesn’t like it at all when she has to stay up whole day and night with the newborn and her husband gets a sound sleep and hardly ever bothers about babysit the newborn. OMGKAV1707-45.    Next one? Parents of a newborn are already so stressed, tired and busy after the birth of a newborn and if in such circumstances somebody asks them “When they are planning to have next baby?” they feel so annoyed.     OMGKAV1707-5

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