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5 ways Internet is Making You Fat

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These days internet is ruling the lives of the human beings, they can’t think of a day without it. They don’t want to explore, read and all that they do is just ‘Google’ the stuff they want information related to. But, Internet has brought many “healthy” issues along with it. Here are the ways internet is making you fat:
1.    Many people spend a lot of time in social networking and don’t even bother to change their position. They just surf, eat and sleep, which is making them fat.OMGKAV1704-12.    Internet is making people lazy as a result of which many people have turned into couch potatoes. Instead of moving out for shopping, they just order stuff online, sitting on their chair.OMGKAV1704-23.    Earlier children used to play outdoor games but since the internet has come, children are seen glued to the screens playing video games. Due to lack of movement, they are becoming fat.OMGKAV1704-34.    Many people have completely shut their life from the outer world. They remain in their homes, work from there on their laptops, earn money and lead life. There is no kind of hangout, workout in their life and they are getting fat every passing day.OMGKAV1704-45.    When you see screen for longer times while doing something on internet, you side by feel like munching something and as a result don’t realize how much extra you have eaten.

A message from your company’s computer help desk: Go out for lunch, people. A recent survey of 150 IT managers conducted by Sunrise Software, a British maker of programs that track help-desk activities, identified printer issues as the most common reason for a help-desk call. But it also revealed that in a typical one-month period, 56% of tech workers had to troubleshoot at least one food-related computer mishap. The things they encountered: everything from potato chips in a CD drive to desktops stubbornly stuck to a desk by unknown substances. In the U.S., keyboards are regularly rendered unusable by crumb buildup, spill-related stickiness, and foul odors from decaying food, says Jon Aumann, a field-agent manager for Best Buy’s Geek Squad, which serves small businesses and home offices. Aumann’s scariest memory: “I once found a sandwich inside a computer tower,” he says. “With a bite out of it.”   –Ben Levisohn

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