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Six Everyday Habits That Are Damaging Your Brain

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There are many things that you do intentionally and unintentionally in your life everyday that have a bad impact on your brain but you hardly realize it. Here are some habits that damage your brain:
1.    Lack of Sleep: Many of you must be having the habit of staying up till late hours at night and then waking up early next morning to go to college or work. But, did you know that lack of sleep hinders brain’s ability to perform up to the mark.  OMGKAV1706-12.    Skipping Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be avoided. Breakfast is must as in the morning brain has to allot nutrients for different functions and if they don’t have enough they suffer from lack of energy.OMGKAV1706-23.    Using brain during illness: When you are ill your whole body is weak and much part of the nutrients consumed by the body is used in healing the illness. If you use our brain at such a time they it puts pressure on brain and also weakens the immune system. OMGKAV1706-34.    Smoking: Smoking is highly injurious to health. Did you know that smoking reduces the oxygen supply to the brain?OMGKAV1706-45.    Over-consumption of food: Overeating is not healthy for the brain as it leads to the buildup of the left over substances in the form of fats. It hardens the cerebral arteries, which impact brain’s correct functioning.OMGKAV1706-56.    Covered head while sleeping: You should never cover your head while sleeping as it increases the concentration of carbon dioxide and reduces the amount of oxygen. This could have a harmful impact on the brain.     OMGKAV1706-6

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