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8 Amazing Facts About Indian Food

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India is a land of culture, diversity and delicious foods. You can talk for hours about Indian food. The country has 29 states and these states have countless mouth-watering dishes to serve to foodies. To enhance your knowledge about Indian food, here are some astonishing facts:

1. India produces many kinds of spices and it is the reason why the country is called ‘the land of spices’.OMGVIS0281-1
2. Indians use tomato and chili almost in every dish, but do you know these ingredients don’t have Indian origin? Portuguese took them to India.OMGVIS0281-2
3. In 1960s, the first Indian restaurant was opened in the US. Presently, there are thousands of Indian restaurants in the US.OMGVIS0281-3
4. The famous Indian dish ‘Chicken tikka masala’ is actually not an Indian curry. Its recipe was devised in Scotland.OMGVIS0281-4
5. Indian food has six different flavors: salty, sweet, sour, spicy, bitter and astringent.OMGVIS0281-5
6. Indians consume about 50% whiskey of the world.OMGVIS0281-6
7. Before refined sugar, people in India used honey to add sweet flavor in a dish.OMGVIS0281-7
8. British people also love to eat Indian pickles. They have also named Indian pickles as ‘Major Grey’s’.        OMGVIS0281-8

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