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8 Things You Can Relate To If You Have Strict Parents

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There are a lot of children out there who have strict parents. Here are the things you can relate to if you have strict parents:
•    You are not allowed to have friends of opposite sex as your parents don’t like this.
•    You have to be on time at home after your school and tuitions. You are not allowed to hang out with your friends, which they generally call ‘geri’.
•    You are not allowed to have a password on your mobile phone or laptop. It is family property.
•    You can’t wear dresses of your choice and have to dress up as your parents wish. Western dresses are a big no.
•    Your parents want you to get good marks in exams, which is fine but so as to make sure that you can achieve that score they don’t allow you to participate in other curricular activities.
•    They have the phone numbers of all your friends, their parents and your teachers, just in case they need it.
•    If ever you get late, they take no time in calling up your friends’ house to know about your whereabouts.
•    Whenever you are on a call or texting somebody they have a habit of asking you again and again about who you are talking to or texting to.

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