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7 Problems Foreigners Face When They Are in India

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When foreigners visit India, they go through a lot of things. Here are some problems they face when they are in India:
1.    Religious Sentiments: In Indian people are very particular about their religious values and their religious sentiments get easily hurt. Foreigners have to keep a lot of things in mind else they could hurt somebody’s religious sentiments.OMGKAV1801-12.    Language Barrier: In India a number of languages are spoken. For foreigners, it gets difficult to express themselves and their needs due to different languages. OMGKAV1801-23.    Hygiene: Besides top posh areas and five start hotels, most of the places in core India lack proper cleanliness. Foreigners find these very unhygienic and face a lot of difficulty in living there.OMGKAV1801-34.    Girly problems: If you are a foreigner girl then you must remain very careful while in India. Herein you can find some people who eve-tease foreigners, especially the girls and stare at them.OMGKAV1801-45.    Culture Difference: Foreigners being from a completely different lifestyle and culture face difficulty in adjusting in India, which has different cultures.OMGKAV1801-56.    Travelling issues: In India, autowalas, rikshawwalas etc. have a habit of making fool out of people, especially the ones who are new to the place and don’t have any idea about distances and fares. Foreigners often spend quite a high amount of money on travelling. OMGKAV1801-67.    Food: Indians love spicy food and different place have different food specialties. You can find a variety of food in India but then foreigners find that food quite oily, spicy and face difficulty in finding the right food.      OMGKAV1801-7

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