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7 Reasons A Woman Stares At Another Woman

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There is no doubt that a woman feels jealous every time she sees another woman more beautiful than her. A Woman carefully stares at another woman and thinks why that woman is prettier than her. Is this the only reason why a woman stares at another woman? No, here are some more reasons:

1. When a woman sees another woman with long and perfect hair, she feels jealous and thinks ‘how her hair are longer and more attractive than mine?’OMGVIS0297-1
2. When she finds something wrong with another woman’s dress, she stares at her. She thinks ‘Why she has worn this dress?’

3. No two women can wear same dresses. If a woman sees another woman wearing the same dress, she is like ‘I will not wear this dress again’.

4. If a woman sees men staring at another woman, she also starts looking at her. She thinks ‘why all the men are looking at her?’

5. Some women stare at other women just to figure out what brand they have worn.

6. Some women stare at other women just to make them conscious. It is women’s major weapon to make other women feel uncomfortable.

7. There are some women who stare at other women without any reason. According to them, they stare at others just because they don’t have anything else to do.

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