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7 Things That Can Irritate Your Pet

7 Things That Can Irritate Your Pet
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Pets are adorable and love you unconditionally, especially the dogs. But, pets have their own liking and disliking. At times they behave so calmly but then there are those times too when they get annoyed. Here are the things that can irritate your pet:
1.    Tight chain: Pets don’t like it when they are tied or held tightly with a chain. They get irritated when their leash is stiff and tight.OMGKAV1803-12.    Ignorance to their communication attempts: Pets don’t like it when you ignore their barks or their any kind of communication way. They feel ignored and get irritated by such behavior. OMGKAV1803-23.    Disturbance in routine: Pets are very particular about their routines. From their feeding time to walk time, they want everything to be fixed and feel annoyed when somebody disrupts their routine. 153008987
4.    Stare: Nobody likes it when somebody stares at them. Same is the case with pets. They feel very uncomfortable when you keep on staring at them and they get annoyed. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????5.    Hugging: Hugging might be a sign of affection for human beings but this is not the same with pets. For pets, especially dogs, hugging is a sign of dominance and they don’t like getting hugged.OMGKAV1803-56.    Going on fast walks: Pets when go out for walks, especially dogs, they want to sniff everything and explore but when their master doesn’t allow them to sniff they feel bad and annoyed.1015088747.    Tension, boredom: Pets love it when their master is happy. Just like human beings, in pets, mood of the people around matters. Pets feel sad, tense when the human beings around them are sad. They don’t like it.


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