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7 ways Indian Women Judge Men

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This article is for the men who want to know what actually women look for in a man. This tells about the ways Indian women judge men:
1.    Chivalrous- To women, respect matters a lot. They always look for the men who know how to treat women with care and politely. OMGKAV1709-12.    Looks: The first thing that women notice in men is the way they look. They love those confident, charming and handsome kinds of guys.OMGKAV1709-23.    Body Language: Body language matters, it really does. Women look for guys who have a spark in their personality. They notice from how guys walk to how they talk everything.OMGKAV1709-34.    Dressing Sense: Dressing sense matters when girls choose their man. Different women have different dressing tastes for men. OMGKAV1709-45.    Hygiene: Women love cleanliness and want to be in touch with hygienic guys. They notice how the guy smells and it play a major role in their selection of their partner. Most of the women don’t like shabby guy.OMGKAV1709-56.    Sense of Humor: Women have a liking for the men who have a good sense of humor. They love to be with the ones who exactly know how to bring a smile on their face.OMGKAV1709-67.    Salary: Salary, income matters to women. They want the men who can pamper them with a lot of gifts.OMGKAV1709-7

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