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Five Myths About Cheating in A Relationship You Shouldn’t Believe

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Cheating is quite common in relationships these days. But people out there believe in lot of cheating myths, which are not at all true. Here are some myths about cheating in a relationship that you shouldn’t believe:
1.    Myth: Once one gets cheated, a couple can never be happy again. They can’t be happy together anymore.
Reality: It is not definite as a number of people get cheated in a relationship but they do come back together, with a much stronger bond that they had earlier and lead a smooth life together.
2.    Myth: Sex is the main reason of extramarital affair.
Reality:  This is not the reality as in many cases infidelity may happen because of other marital issues.
3.    Myth: You can’t call it cheating when you don’t have physical relationship with any other person.
Reality: No, cheating is not only about having sex with other person than your spouse but it is also about the lies you tell your partner and about all those times you spend with somebody else than your spouse.
4.    Myth: Affairs are all our fulfilling sexual desires.
Reality: This is just a myth as in reality many a times affairs are made to fulfill other needs. They can be emotional, monetary etc.
5.    Myth: Problems lead to extramarital affairs.
Reality: This is not true as problems are a part of every relationship but what all need to learn is how to deal with them and sort them out.

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