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Seven Reasons Your Life Should Not Revolve Around Money

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Money is not everything in life. There are a lot many things you can’t buy with money. Money can buy you many things but not satisfaction. Here are reasons why your life should not revolve around money:
1.    Money can’t make you healthy: You can’t buy health with money. You need to take care of your health, diet and do exercise in order to stay healthy and look sexy.OMGKAV1804-12.    Money can’t buy true love: Love is never on sale, so you can’t buy it. Love is something that just happens without noticing any factors. Love sees no money, position, etc.OMGKAV1804-23.    Family: You can’t get a loving and caring family with money.  Family means caring parents, loving siblings and unconditional love, which can’t be bought with money. OMGKAV1804-34.    Faith: Faith is something everybody expects from others in life. Faith is a value that you can’t buy with money. OMGKAV1804-45.    Personal growth: Life teaches you a lot of lessons and you get to learn from them for your personal growth. Experience comes with time, not with money. OMGKAV1804-56.    Peace: As we grow old we realize the value of peace in life. It is something everybody wants in life to be happy. No matter how rich you are you can buy peace, it is priceless.OMGKAV1804-67.    Best things are for free: From a kiss to a hug, from a gesture of love to a smile on the face of a little baby, everything comes for free, in the sense you can’t buy it with money.      OMGKAV1804-7

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