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5 signs he is not listening to you

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There must be many girls out there who have a complaint that their partner, boyfriend or husband doesn’t listen to them and just pretends to do so. Here are the signs to confirm that he is really not listening to you:
1.    If he is continuously looking at you in your eyes, it means he is lost in his thoughts and is not paying attention to what he is saying. OMGKAV1806-12.    If he is smiling at you without speaking anything it might mean that he is not at all interested in the conversation and all he wants is a chance to interrupt and bring conversation to an end.OMGKAV1806-23.    If while talking to you he taps his finger continuously, it means he is impatient and is waiting for the conversation to get over and leave.OMGKAV1806-34.    If he is just nodding yes, ya, hmm, to whatever you are saying, then it means he is just agreeing with you without even bothering about what is right and what is wrong.786307885.    If you are talking to him and he is playing a videogame or going through his cell phone then, for sure, he is not at all listening to what you are saying.

young couple in conflict, a guy with a tablet

young couple in conflict, a guy with a tablet

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