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7 things having a boyfriend shouldn’t stop you from doing

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There are a lot of things girls stop doing or are forced to avoid once they get into a relationship. But this is not right. Here are the things that having a boyfriend shouldn’t stop you from doing:
1.    Alone time: Once you get committed in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with yourself. Everybody needs some space in life and having boyfriend shouldn’t stop you from that.OMGKAV1805-12.    Male Friends: We all have friends both males and females. But when we get into relationship, it is often expected from us that we should avoid being in touch with male friends. This is not right. Couple taking self-portrait at music festival3.    Own decisions: If you are into a relationship with a guy it doesn’t mean you can take your life decisions on your own. It is your life, you have come as an individual and will depart as one, and so stop doing the things others want you to do. OMGKAV1805-34.    Girls Night-outs: Girl-talk is important in life. There are a lot of things girls get to learn in the company of girls and can share with them. Having a boyfriend should not restrict you from spending time with your girlfriends. OMGKAV1805-45.    Flirting:  A lot of girls flirt with their friends and strangers too just for fun but once they get into relation they can’t do it anymore. Instead of stopping it, they should continue flirting not with others but with their partners, it is so much fun.OMGKAV1805-56.    Workout: Many girls follow diet, do exercise just to impress a guy and once they get a boyfriend or partner they stop doing it, which is not good. Workout should be a lifelong part of your life. It keeps you fit and in shape.OMGKAV1805-67.    Career: Career is important in life and girls should not leave their career, studies or jobs just because they have got committed with somebody. Being independent is the most important thing in today’s world.    OMGKAV1805-7

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