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5 Weird Traditions That Are Followed Around The World

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Traditions are an essential part of a country. We live in a strange world where people have been following a plenty of traditions from centuries. There are some traditions that stand apart from other traditions due to their oddity. Here are some of the weird traditions that are still followed:

1. New parents try almost everything to keep their babies safe from devils. In Northern Spain, there is a tradition where a man dressed like a devil jump over newborns. People of the community have been following the tradition from last four centuries.OMGVIS0299-1
2. There is a strange tradition in Vatican of Roman where people feed the dead. Through a pipeline, people pour wine and other foods to dead.OMGVIS0299-2
3. On every last Sunday of November, Thailand hosts a festival where people offer eatables to monkeys. They believe that the activity brings good luck.OMGVIS0299-3
4. In January and February every year, a community in Tamil Nadu of India celebrates a festival where people pray to God and pierce their body parts. During that festival, people are offered free piercing.OMGVIS0299-4
5. Yonamamo tribe of Venezuela and Brazil has a tradition where people eat dead people’s ash. After the death, they burn the dead and after that, family members eat ash of the deceased person.    OMGVIS0299-5

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