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6 Reasons to never skip breakfast again

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Breakfast is the first meal of the day, which you should never miss. Here are some reasons to never skip breakfast again:
1.    Acidity: Staying without consumption of anything for long time can cause acid flux in your body. Eating something in the morning saves you from acidity.OMGKAV1901-12.    Break-fast: The word itself states that break-fast. It suggests breaking the fast you have been into since the last 7 or more hours. This meal is the first meal and is a must to kick start your day.Businesswoman eating cereal at desk in office3.    Weight loss: Some studies have found that the ones who skip breakfast just to avoid weight gain actually end up overeating in the lunch or during the day.Super huge giant burger and teen girl trying to eat it.4.    Lack of concentration: If your day sees a weak start then you might feel dull the whole day and can’t focus on your work. Skipping breakfast decreases your productivity for the day.OMGKAV1901-45.    Heart Disease: Skipping of morning meals can increase the chances of heart disease in women. It can also lead to hypertension along with increase blood sugar levels.OMGKAV1901-56.    Fuel for body: Breakfast acts as the much needed fuel for the body to perform the whole day. It fuels the body for better functioning.  OMGKAV1901-6

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