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6 ways to assure he will never lose interest in you

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No girl ever wants her partner to lose interest in her. Girls always want to get the attention of their partner and can do anything to have it. Here are the ways to assure he will never lose interest in you:

1.    Different Appearances: Try new styles, new dresses at times to leave your man in a fantasy zone. Attract him with your different outlooks and makeovers.OMGKAV1810-12.    Friend circle: Friends play a very important role in our life. Never be totally dependent on your partner for everything in life. Go out, have fun with your friends at times. In this way, you will be able to give your partner a much needed space and he will find you attractive.Beautiful, young woman standing in the campus and smiling3.    Show interest in him: Do ask him about how his life is going on; show interest in his life, so that he can feel at ease and relaxed. In this way, he will get addicted to you.OMGKAV1810-34.    Go out on dates: It is not mandatory that you can go on a date only before marriage. To keep your life exciting even long after you have got married, plan some dates with your spouse.OMGKAV1810-45.    Surprises: At times, give your partner surprise with all stuff he loves. Plan everything as per his liking. OMGKAV1810-56.    Learn new things: Relationship gets boring when two people know everything about each other, and nothing new is left to explore and know. So, make it a habit to learn new things; go out on tours so that your partner can find excitement in your life and in you.   OMGKAV1810-6

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