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7 things men want from you but never tell you

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There are many things men want in their life but hardly tell you about them. Here are some such things:
1.    Respect: Who doesn’t want to be respected in this life? Everybody does. Men want to see respect for them in the eyes of their woman. Respect from the love of their life matters them a lot.OMGKAV1902-12.    Appreciation: Appreciation is the force that can drive a person to achieve even the toughest things in life. Men love it when their woman appreciates them for all that they do for them for others.OMGKAV1902-23.    Companionship: Everybody wants a company in this world. Men look for companionship in their women. They want their woman to be with them always, in every happy and sad phase of life. OMGKAV1902-34.    Admiration: Men want their women to admire them and love them the way they are. For them the most important thing is the admiration of their woman. OMGKAV1902-45.    Eye Candy: Who doesn’t want to be with a gorgeous lady around? Men love it when their women are well dressed with apt makeup and hair-do. OMGKAV1902-56.    Encouragement: Everybody in this life wants encouragement to do something in life. There are tough phases in life wherein people feel like giving up and want somebody to push them and encourage them. Men want encouragement from their woman. OMGKAV1902-67.    Space: All of us want independence in life. Men expect their women to give them the much-needed space that is must in life.     OMGKAV1902-7

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