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Annoying things working moms in India are tired of hearing

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In India, the journey of a girl is not so easy. They have to face a lot of struggles throughout their life. Whether they are house wives, mothers or working moms, they get to listen to a lot of annoying things. Here are some such things that all working moms in India are tired of hearing:
1.    Working moms are often told that their kids will be spoilt ones as they won’t be able to spend time with their mother and will be under the control of maids.OMGKAV1808-12.    Working mothers are taunted that kids can’t live without their mother as they need her. When they will go to office, how their kids will mange.OMGKAV1808-23.    People say working moms that they won’t be able to inculcate good habits among her kids while working.OMGKAV1808-34.    People scare working mothers by telling them that in today’s world, one can’t trust babysitters. By saying such stuff, they increase a mother’s tension. OMGKAV1808-4
5.    Working moms hate it when somebody ask them, “You don’t need to work as you partner is already earning so well”; they are like, ‘come on, don’t we have the right to be independent?’OMGKAV1808-56.    When a working mother is asked, “What will you do with that earned money?” they feel very bad. They are like ‘we will do the same thing that fathers do with the earned money’.  OMGKAV1808-6

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