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6 Things that happen when you quit caffeine

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There are a lot of tea, coffee lovers out there in this world. Generally coffee/tea lovers don’t give up easily on caffeine but if they do so a lot of things happen. Here are some of the things that happen when you quit caffeine:
1.    When you quit caffeine, initially you feel very bad, like crap. You feel dullness; headaches etc. as your body has already become addicted to it and take time to come back to normal.LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.012.    You get to sleep more when you quit caffeine. Did you know that caffeine intake even 6 hours before sleeping can disturb your sleep?Young woman sleeping peacefully at night in bed3.    When you don’t consume caffeine you stay calm because caffeine triggers a release of adrenaline that puts you into a fight or flight mode. Being a vasoconstrictor, caffeine contracts your blood vessels and increases blood pressure.OMGKAV1906-34.    Quitting caffeine will undoubtedly make your tummy happy. This is because drinks like coffee are very acidic and often make you feel restless and cause irritation in your tummy when you drink it.OMGKAV1906-45.    Lot of people feel more passionate, energetic after drinking beverages containing caffeine. Their workout will suffer when they quit caffeine. OMGKAV1906-56.    When you quit drinking tea/coffee and other beverages containing caffeine your teeth become healthier than before. This is because these beverages erode the tooth enamel and can also lead to tooth decay.


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