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7 Famous Dialogues of A Shopkeeper

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In India, whenever you go out for shopping, you come across different kinds of shopkeepers. All of them will come up with weird, hilarious and at times best lines to sell their products. Here are some famous dialogues of a shopkeeper:
1.    When you ask for discounts on products to a shopkeeper, he generally comes up with a line, “Madam yeh toh already discounted hai”.INDIA-RETAIL/2.    If in case you try to befool the shopkeeper by saying that they are selling products costly they are like, “Madam market main yeh product iss see kam ya iss rate pr kahi nhi milega”.OMGKAV1907-23.    When you discard the product and are about to leave, the shopkeeper tries to tell you about the importance of the product by saying, “Aakhri piece reh gya hain yeh, kal hee aaya hain aur sab maal bik gya hain”.Shopkeeper and customers looking at cloth for saris4.    When you doubt on the quality of the product or say that it seems to be of poor quality the shopkeep says, “Imported hain yeh madam”.OMGKAV1907-55.    Just in case you ask for a particular brand or product type and the shopkeeper doesn’t have it, he won’t give up. He would rather come up with a famous line, “Uska maal ab peeche se nhi aata, band ho gya hain”, just to save the reputation of his shop.OMGKAV1907-46.    If you say a shopkeeper that on some other shop you are getting the same product at less cost, he would say, “Aisa maal kahi aur nhi mile ga puree ilaake mein”.OMGKAV1907-77.    It is very difficult to do bargaining these days as the shopkeeper in no time mentions that, “fixed price hain madam”.OMGKAV1907-6



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