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7 Workplace crisis situations every 20- something goes through

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There is always a first time for everything in life. Nothing comes easy in life, you have to struggle for it, keep on going and achieve it. Once the college life ends, youngsters are in a fantasy world and think that they will get everything instantly in life but the reality is not the same. Here are some workplace crisis situations every 20-something goes through:
1.    Accidentally leaving your phone on general settings and regretting it later on when your phone starts ringing loudly with a funny ringtone  in the middle of a very serious meeting that too
2.    Getting late for office on one of the most crucial office days. You have to go through hell for the next few days as you boss keeps on reminding your about it for long.
3.    The moment you are chatting with your friends in a group on whatsapp and simultaneously chatting discussing something on your official group and you accidently send a personal message on your official group.
4.    The moment when you are about to finish your work and by mistake you close the document without even saving it. You feel like killing yourself for that.
5.    The day when you dedicatedly worked all the time, nobody noticed it but then the second you logged in your Facebook profile your boss pass by your side and see it.
6.    The moment when you know you have worked flawlessly the whole year and but commit a mistake just a day before the day of increment.
7.    The moment when you are sitting in a meeting and your stomach starts making noise because you are hungry and it is quite audible.

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