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Things that happen when you skip a meal

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These days everybody wants to be fit and have a sexy physique, which is a good thing. But, achieving it by skipping your meals is not at all a good way. Here are the things that happen when you skip a meal:
1.    When you skip any of the three meals of a day, your body starts feeling weak. Your whole days goes dull and you stay tired, which hinders your productivity for the day. 5335591212.    Your hormones start to change when you miss any of your meals. As a result your cortisol increases, making you feel stressed out.A845WJ3.    Generally people skip meals as they think by doing so they would be able to shed shome fats from their body, but they are wrong.  As skipping of meals is linked toweight gain.OMGKAV1906-34.    If you skip meals then you could run low of nutrients and can fail to do things. Nutrient deficiencies lead to fatigue, many health issues and poor mental function.1797242395.    Skipping of meals increases the risk of suffering from some diseases. For example, as per a study, women who skip breakfast everyday have a 20% more risk of developing type 2 diabetes.OMGKAV1906-56.    Lot of people face digestive problems in their life. Skipping of meals results in improper digestion and creates a lot of problems for your body.


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