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7 Relationship statistics that will shock you

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Relationships are complicated and should be handled with care. But, some relationships face worst situations. Here are some relationship statistics that will shock you:
1.    Office romances are very common.  Do you know that 40% of the office romances end in marriages? OMGKAV1910-12.    In a relationship, the main cause of divorce is money and spending. Most of the divorces happen when one partner doesn’t know how to spend money and wastes it. OMGKAV1910-23.    There are only 50% couples who are happy with their sex life, which means there are a lot of couples out there that are together but not satisfied with their sex life.OMGKAV1910-34.    Only 30% of the people who have signed up into dating sites look for love and relationship. Others have created accounts just to find a person to get married too.OMGKAV1910-45.    The number of times you are married is directly proportional to the number of divorces you might go through. It lowers the chances of you in a relationship. Did you know that around 90% of the third marriages results into divorce?OMGKAV1910-56.    Once you get into a relationship, the apt time to break up is between 3-5 months. This is because at that time, things get serious and moving out gets difficult.OMGKAV1910-67.    When it comes to falling in love, men fall in love faster than women. Girls take time to feel love and to give back that love, but they end up loving frequently.      OMGKAV1910-7

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