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‘Bad girl’ Qualities all Guys Want in a Woman

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There are a lot of things a guy wants in his woman. They don’t want their woman to be perfect. Here are some ‘Bad Girl’ qualities all guys want in a woman:
•    She should have naughty spark in her. Guys like those girls who don’t pretend as if they don’t watch porn etc. or feel shy of sharing such stuff with them.OMGKAV2007-1•    Guys like the girls who are adventurous and can also act like buddies, bro’s as times. Guys get attracted towards adventure loving girls.OMGKAV2007-2•    Guys find those girls attractive who know how to take their stand. Such girls are bold enough to face difficult situations bravely and guys feel lucky to have them in their life.OMGKAV2007-3•    Bad girls are the way they are and they are not afraid of accepting the reality in public. They are not fake, and guys love this thing about them.OMGKAV2007-4•    Bad girls don’t feel shy in saying no to something. They just refuse to do something if they don’t want to do that. At least they don’t promise something they can’t do, and guys love this thing about them.OMGKAV2007-5
•    Bad girls carry themselves confidently. Guys love confidence in girls and want the same kind of confidence in their girls.OMGKAV2007-6
•    Bad girls are blunt and they don’t believe in used sugar coated language and tone. They just say it straight rather than cooking stories and guys like this trait. Guys want their girls to be straight forward.     OMGKAV2007-6

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