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Childish acts girls do in a trial room

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Girls behave like little kids when they are in trial rooms. They act childish and make pastures. Here is what girls do in a trial room:
1.    Once a girl is in a trial room, she starts pouting while looking at the mirrors on all the sides to feel that she is no less than anybody else. She even takes a pout selfie.OMGKAV1909-12.    Girls have a habit of clicking pictures in the trial room and send them to a friend or mother or boyfriend for approval. In the meantime while waiting for the reply, she behaves like a big poser.OMGKAV1909-23.    Girls hate it when she is not fit in a dress that she loved the most. She tries her level best to zip up the dress just because she doesn’t want to lose it. OMGKAV1909-34.    Girls love to do touch up. The moment they see a mirror they start fixing their hair, shape up their lipstick etc. In a trial room, there are a number of mirrors and girls go crazy.OMGKAV1909-45.    Girls don’t get satisfied easily. When they are in trial room, they keep on asking for more and more dresses to try.OMGKAV1909-56.    Girls love to gaze at their looks, figure and appreciate themselves. In a trial room, girls often dance like a silly individual to check out themselves. OMGKAV1909-67.    At time when we are in a trial room we get to listen about what the girls next door talking about. In most of such cases, girls take time in the trial room just to hear gossips.      OMGKAV1909-7

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