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Don’t enter a relationship until you do these 5 things

Don’t enter a relationship until you do these 5 things
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Relationships are not easy to handle and demand a lot of care and attention. Relationships do get complicated and at times end up. You should not enter into a relationship until you have done these five things:
1.    Move on from ex: You can read the next chapter of your life, until you are not done with the last chapter. You have to move on from you previous relationships, ex, etc to start a new smooth relationship. OMGKAV2005-12.    Love yourself: Nobody can fall in love with you until you don’t love yourself. Relationships are good but they are better when you love yourself. OMGKAV2005-23.    Learn to take responsibility: With relationships come a lot of responsibilities. Before getting into one you must know how to handle different situations and deal with them. You can’t run from taking responsibility of the things related to your relationship.8/23/11 Students hold hands as they walk by the Northwood IV family housing during a Day in the Life of the University of Michigan on August 23, 2011.4.    Draw lines: Before getting into a relationship, you must set some boundaries in your mind. If you are into a relationship, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to it even if it demands the compromise of your self-respect. OMGKAV2005-45.    Friend circle: Friends are very important in life. You should never avoid your friends when you get into a relationship. It is only friends who let you stand beside you when your relationship goes through a rough phase.


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