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Tests girls use to evaluate their boyfriends

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Girls want their guys to be serious and loyal for them, no matter what. They often try things to know how much their boyfriends love them. Here are the tests girls use to evaluate their boyfriends:
1.    Check your presence: Girls love to take attention and always want her partner to listen to what she is telling. Girls check the attentiveness of their partner at times to see whether he genuinely listens, worry about or just pretend to do so. They notice the eye contacts and the hand movements while talking. OMGKAV2001-12.    Behavior with waiter: Girls generally notice how her guy treats the people around especially when they go out on a date she takes a notice of how he behaves with the waiter.OMGKAV2001-23.    Care: Girls notice how worried their guys are for them. They often tell their partners that they are not well just to know see how much concern they will show in response. It is just a way used by them to evaluate guys.OMGKAV2001-34.    Who texts first: Girls are very particular about who takes the initiative first and gets impressed when a guy is the one to take a step forward first. They often ignore their partners and don’t message them just to see whether they would take an initiate to message them or not. Teenage couple (16-18) outdoors, laughing
5.    Respect: Girls love those guys who respect women. They keep an eye on the gestures of a guy and often notice how the guy treats his mother, sisters and her. She evaluates him by noticing such things.  OMGKAV2001-5

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