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Tips on how to become likeable person

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Who doesn’t want to have a huge fan-following and a lot of people around? Everybody does. Everybody wants to attract people towards them and be a hero or a heroine of their life. Here are some tips how to become likeable person:
1.    Stay Positive: Positive people attract others easily. People like the ones who always stay hopeful in life and never look at the negative side. Who doesn’t want to be around a person who lifts them up no matter how less chances they have to hold on. OMGKAV2003-12.    Don’t judge: Likeable people don’t judge. They respect people for the way they are and don’t make assumptions about them, without knowing them.OMGKAV2003-23.    Good listener: In today’s world everybody wants someone to share their joys and sorrow with, and the ones who are always up to listen to you, your issues calmly get a special place in your heart. Likeable people are good listeners. OMGKAV2003-34.    Touch people: People like the ones who make them feel comfortable. Likeable people touch people, means whenever they meet somebody they shake hands, give hugs, pat on their back etc.  OMGKAV2003-45.    Stay quiet when required: The best people are the ones who know when to speak and when to keep mum. Likeable people are among them. They know what to say and when, and when to just listen. OMGKAV2003-56.    Smile often: When we see smiles, we feel happy. Some people never give up on their smile no matter how hard it is for them to carry it. Likeable people are among those. They always have a smile on their face.



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