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6 Funny expectations vs. reality of a married woman

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There are a lot of things we wish in our life but we don’t get all of it. Expectations are always there in life, but not all of them become reality. Here are six funny expectations vs. reality of a married woman:
•    Expectations: Every girl wish to have a cool dude in her life.  Watching heroes on television, she wishes for one in their real life.
Reality: In reality, they get a simple guy with average looks.
•    Expectations: Girls expect that their partner will console them in sad times.
Reality: But in reality, guys end up crying more than girls, and girls find themselves controlling them.
•    Expectations:  Girls watch couples cooking together happily in Hollywood movies and think that they will also lead such a life after marriage.
Reality: But, in reality, once they get married, they have to cook alone not only for her but for all the members of the house.
•    Expectations: After reading huge number of romantic novels and watching romantic flicks, girl thinks the guy in her life will miss her whenever they won’t be together, for example when in office.
Reality: But in reality, the case is completely different. Guys feel relieved when they are away from their wives for some time.
•    Expectations: Girls think that after marriage their husbands will be there for them like their parents were with them since birth.
Reality: But in reality, after marriage the case is like as if girls have adopted an adult child of somebody, to whom they have to feed, take care of and handle in tough situations.
•    Expectations: Girls think that whenever she will have an argument with her partner then, just like movies the hero of their life, their partner will apologize in the end.
Reality: But in reality, nobody apologizes. Things go on the same way and in fact girls have to feed and take care of husbands no matter they had a fight or not.

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