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6 warm lemon water facts to motivate you to drink it every morning

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Warm lemon water is very good for your health. Here are some facts about it that will motivate you to drink it every morning:
1.    During night, your body consumes nothing at all and thus is fully dehydrated in the morning and needs water for proper functioning. It is generally suggested that one should try to drink 3 litres of water in a day, so why not start in the morning only.OMGKAV2101-12.    There is a fiber named pectin fiber, it is present in lemon and is used in fighting hunger cravings as a result of which you can easily keep a check on your weight.Woman drinking water with lemon
3.    For a blemish-free and wrinkle-free skin you must drink warm lemon water. There are antioxidants in the lemon juice, which decrease the blemishes. OMGKAV2101-34.    Rich in vitamin C, lemon juice is helpful in strengthening immune system of the body. It easily fights cold and flu.OMGKAV2101-45.    If you drink warm lemon water in the morning, you will have an energetic kick-start of your day. This is because lemon water gives an instant energy boost and lifts mood.OMGKAV2101-56.    Lemon water reduces inflammation in the body. If you drink warm lemon water it will fight acidity in your body and improve your digestion.   OMGKAV2101-6

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