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7 Things every woman must have heard from her ‘parlor waali aunty’

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Parlor is a bit kind of second home for a lot of girls out there. They visit parlor every other day for one thing or another. Here are some things that every parlor going woman must have heard from her ‘parlor waali aunty’:

1.    When you go to parlor, ‘parlor waali aunty’ has a habit of saying you such stuff that makes you feel depress. They tell the client that, “madam, your hair have become so messy, you must take care of them. You need to take a hair cut”.Radhika doing hairstyle in Beauty Parlour2.    That moment when your ‘parlor waali aunty’ says, “Madam, we provide the best services in the town and can bet on that.” You are like, come on I listen this dialogue from every ‘parlor waali aunty’.OMGKAV2102-23.    The moment ‘parlor waali aunty’ says, “Madam, your skin has lost all the shine, it looks so dull. You must try our products”.OMGKAV2102-34.    The moment the ‘parlor waali aunty’ starts giving unwanted suggestions like, “Madam, you must visit a parlor twice a month. It is must for good hygiene”.OMGKAV2102-45.    Your ‘parlor waali aunty’ must have told about attractive offers and packages they are offering with overrated benefits. Girls applying makeup6.    And that moment, when your ‘parlor waali aunty’ tells you that you must once meet their parlor experts to take a full-on makeover just by giving a minimal fee. OMGKAV2102-67.    The irritating moment when your ‘parlor waali aunty’ says “Madam, you don’t need to worry about safety of products, they are all imported and of best quality”.  OMGKAV2102-7

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