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Personality traits that will make you appear prettier

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Pretty is not just a compliment about how your physical appearance is. It is much more than that. Pretty is the way you present yourself; it is the way you are. Here are the personality traits that will make you appear prettier:
1.    Positive Attitude: A person, who looks for positive even in the worst situations of his life, inspires a lot of people around him. Such individuals are optimistic in life and make others feel happy. OMGKAV2008-12.    Confidence: Confidence is the most important thing that one should carry with himself. If you carry yourself confidently then you are pretty.OMGKAV2008-23.    Humble: People will find you pretty and a likeable person if you are down to earth, no matter what you have achieved in your life. Humble people are naturally attractive.OMGKAV2008-34.    Grace: If you take care of the way you talk, walk and act then you are graceful. People find the ones pretty who do everything gracefully.OMGKAV2008-45.    Charisma: If you handle things politely, act patiently and listen to what others have to say then you are lovable, pretty and have a charisma that acts like a magnet to attract people.  OMGKAV2008-56.    Friendly: Friendly people have a lot of people in their life. Everybody likes a person who is open and did not feel shy to start a conversation.OMGKAV2008-67.    Calm: Calm people look pretty because they don’t just react immediately. They think and then act. Panic doesn’t exist in their life.   OMGKAV2008-7

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