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Signs your girlfriend is dominating

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Nobody is perfect but people come together, compromise one thing or another to makes things, relationship work out and become near perfect. But some people get dominating partners and always have to cope up. If you have a dominating girlfriend, you can relate to this:
1.    Even if you are away from her, in office, in gym etc., she knows everything you are doing. She keeps a check on your whereabouts. She wants you to tell her about your whereabouts every passing hour, else she gets angry.OMGKAV2007-12.    It is not you who makes your day schedule rather it is your girlfriend who works on your time management. She kind of makes a routine plan for you, which she expects you to follow.OMGKAV2007-23.    Your girl is never wrong no matter what. Whenever she does anything wrong she never admits to it rather put the whole blame on you.OMGKAV2007-34.    She hardly cares about where you guys are standing and insults you. No matter you guys are chilling out with your friends, family etc., she just says it out loud. OMGKAV2007-45.    She is the one who we can say rule you, your life. She takes your decisions and expects you to go by them. She gets upset when you take a decision without consulting her.OMGKAV2007-56.    In your relationship, things go according to her. She is the priority always. If you are busy and she wants to go shopping, you have to go, but then if she is tired and you want to go out with her, you guys can’t. Your life surrounds around her and not around you both.      OMGKAV2007-6

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