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6 types of enemy-friends a girl can’t tolerate in her life

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Girls have a lot of enemy friends and they can very well express the reasons why they hate them. Here are some types of enemy-friends a girl just can’t tolerate in her life:
1.    Cute guy’s Girlfriend: If a girl likes a cute guy and that cute guy has a girl in his life, she would definitely hate that girl. Although she will treat her properly in front of that guy, deep inside she hates her. OMGKAV2103-12.    Competitor: Competitors both motivate you and make you hate them when you lose. Girls don’t like their competitors at all and can’t take a single word from them.OMGKAV2103-23.    Boyfriend’s Ex: Girls hate her boyfriend’s ex the most just because that girl had shared a relationship with her guy in the past. She can’t even see her. OMGKAV2103-34.    Most popular girl in the circle: No matter how beautiful, satisfied a girl is but she would always have hateful feelings for the most popular girl of the circle. She would never show it but always feel it.OMGKAV2103-45.    Best friend’s close friend: Nobody can take it if her besti gets a close friend or a friend in her life. Obviously a girl would never want to share her best friend with anybody else. OMGKAV2103-56.    Ex-Best Friend and her new friends: It is painful when our best friend becomes an ex in our life and on the top of it she gets new friends. Girls hate her ex-best friend and her new friends because she can’t digest it.      OMGKAV2103-6

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