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Easy ways of overcoming exercise excuses

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Who doesn’t want to stay fit, in shape and have sexy figure? Everybody does. But, when it comes to follow a workout routine, many people give excuses. Here are easy ways of overcoming exercise excuses:
1.    Think about after-effects: When you feel lazy of leaving your bed for going out for a workout, just tell yourself about the after-effects of exercise. This will help you in encouraging yourself.
2.    Get mentally prepared: At times we cancel out workout immediately by giving ourselves excuses but then regret later on. To avoid such a situation you must mentally prepare yourself early so that you don’t find it difficult when the time comes.
3.    Less is more, don’t worry: Never plan to do hours-long workout as this only makes you feel tired before even starting the exercise. Initially have a relaxed schedule, exercise for just 15-20 minutes and eventually increase the time.
4.    Try new exercises: When we get bored of doing same thing we start avoiding them and same is the case with workouts. Add new exercises in your schedule regularly and you won’t give yourself excuses to miss exercises anymore.
5.    Bribe yourself: At times we have to offer ourselves bribe to make us do something from which we have be running away. In the case of exercising too, promise yourself bribes and award yourself after the workout.
6.    Keep your workout clothes ready: At times we don’t want to do exercise or go to gym after office which is not a good thing to do. To avoid it carry your workout outfit and gears along with you to office so that at least for their sake you go for a workout.

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