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Top 8 common reasons for depressions

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There are a lot of reasons behind depressions. Different people have issues that make them feel low and depressed. Here are the most common reasons for depressions:
1.    Improper Sleep: When a person doesn’t get proper sleep he feels restless the whole day. Our body is made in such a way that it needs proper sleep at night to work and function well. When the cycle gets disturbed we feel low.OMGKAV2104-12.    Losing a loved one: This is the main reason of depression. When we lose somebody who is very dear to us then we feel hurt and the pain is so severe that we get depressed.OMGKAV2104-23.    Doing Job you don’t like: If a person is doing something he doesn’t want to do then of course he will feel low and bad. Such a thing happens when you are doing a job you never wanted to do. Businesswoman at table with head resting on hand
4.    Social websites: Social websites like Facebook etc. are good to stay connected but then they have immense side-effects too. On Facebook, people see pictures of other people enjoying life, and compare their own life with others and feel depressed.OMGKAV2104-45.    Over-expectations: Expectations hurt, they really do. Where there is love and care, expectations come on their own and make you vulnerable to pain.OMGKAV2104-56.    Break up: Break ups are painful. When you have to leave and move on from somebody who means a lot in your life, you feel hurt, and the pain is so severe that you get into depression.OMGKAV2104-67.    Looks: Some people get depressed after comparing their looks with the ones who are extremely beautiful. This comparison makes them feel ugly, unwanted and they get into a sad zone.OMGKAV2104-78.    Jealousy: This is one of the most common reasons of depression. Some people have everything in life but when they see others achieving even a little in life they can’t digest and starts getting jealous. This jealousy drops them into depression.OMGKAV2104-8


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