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6 Things Girls Look For in Guys

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Do you think you have everything that a girl looks for in a guy? It’s time to think again. Here are some things that girls really look for in guys:

1. Honest: Almost every girl wants her guy to be honest with her. She wants him to do what he says. OMGVIS0302-11
2. A Good Listener: There is no need to say that all girls love to talk. They want someone to listen to them. They don’t want their men to do gossip with them, but at least listen to what they are saying.OMGVIS0302-2
3. Charming Personality: Who doesn’t want a charming partner? Not all men have charming personality. A girl always wants her partner to know how to charm a girl.OMGVIS0302-3
4. Basic Behavior: A girl wants her partner to know how to make her feel special. She wants someone who will behave nicely with her family and friends.OMGVIS0302-4
5. A Good Sense of Humor: Girls always love the guy who knows how to use his sense of humor. A girl takes just a few minutes to identify whether the guy has good sense of humor.OMGVIS0302-5
6. Intelligence: Girls get attracted towards the guy who knows about the topic he is talking about. They love the guy who knows what is happening around him.

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