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6 Things we did in College than Studying

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College is not all about studying and attending boring lectures. It is much more than that. Students not only study there for their bright future, but also do and learn a lot more things. Here are some things that we all did in college than studying:
1.    We all used to look for excuses to bunk a class. Sometimes, we bunked a lecture and said we had a rehearsal of something, and other times we were on mass bunk.
2.    Those priceless funny moments when we used to munch food from tiffin in a class. While the professor was teaching, we were busy eating stuff.
3.    We used to listen to music, watch videos and movies on our phone, while the class was going on. Music was our all time companion and we had the best bond with it.
4.    We, along with our friends, used to chill out in the adda near college, eat pakoras, samosa with karak chai ka peyaala and do gossips.
5.    And then, there were times when we acted like professors’ chamchas just to score well in exams without studying. We used to do stuff to impress them and score good marks.
6.    At times, we used to take the introduction of juniors and do slight ragging just to break the ice with them and have light fun.

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