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8 Signs Which Show You Come From a Small Town

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City people can never understand the joy and problems of living in a small town. There are both pros and cons of living in a small town. Here are some of the signs which prove that you belong to a small town:

1. You still have same friends who were with you in school and in college. You know everything about them as you are with them from a long time.OMGVIS0303-1
2. When someone asks you about your hometown, you tell them the city near your hometown.

3. You know all shop owners of your town. Whenever you pass by their stores, they greet you with your name.

4. When you dial a wrong number, the person on the other side of the phone gives you the right number.

5. You had vastly different experiences from the people who grew up in a big city. You know every road of your town.

6. There is no pub or a disco in your town.

7. Everyone knows everything about each other. If there is breaking news, it spreads like wildfire.

8. It takes about half an hour to visit a good restaurant.

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