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Top 6 reasons why a person kills someone

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If you meet the killers, you will find that every killer has a different reason behind killing somebody. Nobody kills anybody without any reason. Here are the top reasons why a person kills someone:
1.    Domestic Issues: There are many people in this world who kill their family members, wife, husband or kids just because they can’t take their responsibility anymore and kinds killing an apt solution.OMGKAV2107-12.    Mercy Killing: Many times people kill someone only because that someone wants. This is the case of mercy killing wherein the patient can’t take the pains anymore and tells the doctor or family members to free them from pain by killing them.OMGKAV2107-23.    Betrayal: When somebody gets betrayed by a person, he can’t take it easily. When the betrayal comes from somebody one had never expected from then, the pain is severe. In such cases, a person often kills that person.OMGKAV2107-34.    Self-defense: Many killings take place as a result of self-defense. At times we get attacked by some dacoit rapists etc. and at that time if we kill somebody to save ourselves it is an act of self-defense. OMGKAV2107-45.    Enemy: Some people kill another person just because they have some issues and are enemies. OMGKAV2107-56.    Revenge: The feeling of revenge is never good and mostly has negative result. When a person has to take revenge from somebody them he generally takes a negative step and at times end up killing the other person.     OMGKAV2107-6

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