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Top 8 excuses to skip school

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All of you must have given excuses to your parents and teachers in your school time to miss the classes. Well here are the most common eight excuses to skip school:
1.    The most common excuse is, “I am not feeling well”. Students generally make an excuse that they are ill and can’t go to school. OMGKAV2106-12.    At times, children make their parents fool by telling them that it is a holiday in their school due to some school issue and stays at home.OMGKAV2106-23.    Students often tell their parents that today there is going to be no important class in school so it is better that they stay at home and study. They say, “Why to waste time mummy, time is precious”.OMGKAV2106-34.    When nothing works out, students intentionally miss the school bus so that their parents tell them to miss the school today because father has already gone to his job and who will drop the child to school.Father Saying Goodbye To Children As They Leave For School5.    When the issue is how to befool teacher, students play smart. They tell their teacher that they have an appointment with the doctor and can’t afford to miss it, as the doctor is not always available in the town.OMGKAV2106-56.    Family function is another common excuse that students give to their teachers to skip school.OMGKAV2106-67.    When parents get adamant that the children have to go to school, kids play smartly and hide their shoes. They are like, “Na hoga baans, na bjegi bansuri”. OMGKAV2106-78.    You must have given this excuse to your parents. “Papa, no classmate is going to school today as function rehearsals are going on, so can I miss the school and study at home?”   OMGKAV2106-8

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