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Things that force Good Employees quit Their Jobs

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There are many companies that lose their employees at regular intervals, but don’t know the reasons behind that. We are here to tell them about the things that make good employees quit the job:
1.    Overtime: Nobody wants to do overtime in a fixed salary. If somebody expects you to do some extra work, he must offer you some extra bucks for that.  Overtime often makes companies lose their good employees.Group of businessman carrying briefcase run around a clock 3d illustration2.    Broken Promises: If a boss or manager promises something to an employee, but breaks it later on when the time comes to fulfill the promise, then it makes a bad impact on the mind of that employee. Broken promises are among the reasons why good employees quit.OMGKAV2201-23.    Lack of encouragement: Everybody needs encouragement to progress in life. Lack of encouragement brings down the morale of a person. Many good employees leave their companies due to lack of encouragement.OMGKAV2201-34.    No rewards: Lack of recognition is one of the main reasons why an employee leaves a company. The boss must have some rewards to offer to an employee to motivate him. business man with gifts falling down5.    Lack of Empathy: If a boss is rude with his employees and hardly cares about their situations and emotions then it often has a bad impact. Lack of empathy often makes good employees man and woman at desk sign quiet on phone6.    Equality: Everybody wants equality and hates it when somebody makes them feel less than others. Many companies lose their good employees just because of biasness in the company.


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