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7 Activities that make good karma

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Like is all about karma; as you sow, so shall you reap. Here are some activities that make good karma:
1.    Love yourself: The most important thing that you should do in this life is love yourself. Your life is a precious gift given to you by God, and to make others love you, you must love yourself first. OMGKAV2202-12.    Offer prayers: Be religious, offer prayers and thank God for all that you have and for the life you are leading. Go to temple, spend some time there and you will get peace of mind.OMGKAV2202-23.    Donate: Life is much about giving. Donate blood, money and stuff to the needy ones. You never know a little donation by you might mean life to somebody else. Photo of a Collection Plate4.    Stay Optimistic: In the voyage of life, positivity is the fuel that drives you further. Always stay hopeful, positive in life. Positivity brings with it a sense of satisfaction that makes you feel happy. OMGKAV2202-45.    Love others: Learn to love all around you. Love never hurts anybody rather it gives birth to a sense of oneness. Accept others the way they are and love them. Everybody on this Earth is hungry for love.OMGKAV2202-56.    Be helpful: Never miss a chance to help a needy person. Even if you see a person not able to cross the road, go and help him out. Every little gesture of help matters. Be the voice of the voiceless creatures. OMGKAV2202-67.    Keep Smiling: Smile is the shortest distance between people. It is the curve that sets everything straight in life. In the journey of life, never let your smile fade away. You never know, you smile might be making the day of a lot of people around you.OMGKAV2202-7

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