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7 Things banned for women in Islam Religion

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Women don’t have the same rights and freedom across the world. Different religions have their different restrictions. Here are 7 things that are banned in Islam Religion for women:
1.    Uncovered heads: Islam asks women to cover their heads. They do have reasons behind it. According to them, covering the head would save women from the stare of men. They also have a belief that bad spirits get attracted towards women hair. So, to save women from them, Islam asks women to cover their heads.
2.    Disobedience of Husband: Husbands are given a very important place in Muslim community. Women are required to obey every order of their husband and take care of him and his things. Husbands also have to take care of his responsibilities towards his wife.
3.    Adultery: Cheating on husband is strictly prohibited in Muslims. Adultery means to have a physical relation with a man, who is not your husband. Also, you are not allowed to lose your virginity before getting married.
4.    Non-Decent Clothes: Islam asks women to stay covered and don’t show off their body curves. It asks them to wear loose clothes and see-through clothes are strictly prohibited.
5.    Alone holy visit: A woman is not at all allowed to go for the holy pilgrimage alone and should always have a man with her. The man could be her father, husband or brother. Islam’s holy pilgrimage is called Hajj.
6.    Threading, Makeup: Islamic girls are not allowed to do makeup because they think it might attract man. Threading is also prohibited because the religion believes in simplicity and originality.
7.    No Lesbianism : In Muslims, a woman is not allowed to have a sexual relationship with another woman. They are completely against it.

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