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8 Weird Things People Do On Social Media Websites

8 Weird Things People Do On Social Media Websites
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Some people are addicted to social media. They can live without food, but cannot spend a minute without social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. When they have nothing to do, they do weird things on these websites. Here are some of those strange and funny things:

1. Some people create useless pages and then send invite to their friends to like their page. Their craziness doesn’t end here; they ask their friends to like their pages’ posts and photos.OMGVIS0306-1
2. Some users post something on social media. After a few minutes, they check how many likes the post has received. If the post didn’t get satisfactory ‘likes’ or ‘comments’, they delete the post.OMGVIS0306-2
3. There are some social media addicts who post status and pictures in the middle of crisis.OMGVIS0306-3
4. Some people use social media like their personal diary. They share their feelings when they are happy, sad or depressed.OMGVIS0306-4
5. Some annoying users have a habit of posting pictures of their food. Before the first bite, they post it on their account.  a woman having lunch at restaurant
6. Some people create groups and add other people there.OMGVIS0306-6
7. They post status like ‘I am going to delete those people who don’t like my pictures or comment on them’.OMGVIS0306-7
8. Some people discuss political matters on their status. They also request other people to join them.OMGVIS0306-8

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